Saint Jean Carbon, advances Solar Power with Carbon Dots

OAKVILLE, Ontario, July 11, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Saint Jean Carbon Inc. (“Saint Jean” or the “Company”) (TSX-V:SJL) (OTCQB:TORVF), a carbon science company engaged in the design and build of green energy storage, green energy creation and green re-creation through the use of carbon materials, is pleased to provide an update on the carbon dots project announced on December 20th 2016 with the University of Western Ontario. The Company has a number of carbon nano level projects underway at the university; in particular a lot of time has been placed on the carbon dots and the ability to create solar energy, recent tests show a significant increase in energy efficiency. The increase means more energy gathered effectively may create better solar panels in the future.

According to the market research, the photovoltaic solar industry will have created $41.9* billion in revenues globally in 2016. The market size of photovoltaic devices increases with the rate of 29% annually. Efficient photovoltaic devices require enhancing the charge separation and photocurrent generation. (* IHS Markit September 21/2015)

Jin Zhang, Ph.D, Associate Professor Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Western University commented: “Hybrid nanostructures are found to be used for solar energy conservation and photovoltaics because of their modified electronic properties; both the valence and conduction bands of one-component are lower in energy than the corresponding bands of the counterpart materials. The staggered alignment of band edges leads to an efficient spatial charge separation of electrons and holes. Two major transition in C-dots are π-π* and n-π* with the energy of 5.0 eV and 3.3 eV, respectively. The unique photophysical properties of C-dots may open up new opportunities for light-energy harvesting. Our strategy to gain efficient photovoltaic devices is to develop a carbon quantum dots based hybrid system.”

Paul Ogilvie, CEO, commented: “As part of our overall strategy to create materials for green energy storage, creation and re-creation market place, the carbon dots project is helping us realize greater efficiencies in energy creation. We look forward to testing the hybrid system and seeing how we can apply the technology to the electric car industry.”

The project intellectual property will be owned on a 50/50 basis with the university and the Company. The project is funded over a two-year period by the Company contributing $10,000.00 per year and an NSERC grant for $100,000.00. The Company also provides “in kind” services and materials to the project. The Company will provide updates on the project as they become available. The following link ( provides Characterization of Carbon quantum dots: (a) TEM micrograph of Carbon quantum dots (b) photoluminescence of Carbon quantum dots with tunable emission and (a) SEM micrograph of semiconductor nanorod modified with carbon quantum dots (b) Cross-sectional SEM micrograph of the hybrid system.

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